Rod Helio Smidt S/N
Acesso Base Aerea Cumbica
07190 100 GUARULHOS
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With its excellent location (next to Guarulhos International Airport and half an hour from the city's financial district), this hotel is a great option for executives travelling for business or to participate in events. The hotel offers transfers every 30-40 minutes from 6am to midnight, leaving from Guarulhos International Airport, Arrivals Terminal II, Wings A and D, and Terminal III, and from in front of the Hotel simultaneously. For more information please contact the hotel.

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GUARULHOS (6.50 km / 4.04 mi)‎ - 무료 셔틀

고속도로 출구

RODOVIA AYRTON SENNA (1.00 km / 0.00 mi)‎

RODOVIA DUTRA (1.00 km / 0.00 mi)‎

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The Pullman São Paulo Guarulhos Airport hotel is located near Guarulhos International Airport. It brings together style and sophistication in spacious, comfortable rooms and suites with air conditioning and WIFI. The hotel offers an incredible leisure area featuring a swimming pool to relax in, children's playground and full Shishindo spa. Guests can also enjoy free transfers to the airport and free parking.

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